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Suprise release! I finished Nightmares before I thought I would. As a result, I didn't let anyone know it was coming out, but it is my newest short, and it will be a series. I really enjoyed writing about it, especially since I have an understanding of what the main character is feeling.

Updates on tomb of the summoner

Oh holy hell, I cant believe Ive out done AFK already. Ive made it to 5 pages on a size 16 times new roman font, and I havent even gotten to the good part yet. I have to say though, Im really liking how the characters are turning out :)

Elements: Tomb of the Summoner

Most people didn’t believe that marks were a choice, that whatever mark was given at birth was given to you, and should not be taken lightly. That when a metamorphosis happened, it chose you to take its mark, not the other way around, but this was not a widely believed theory. It was mostly only believed by the monks of Contrum, the same ones who thought that drilling a hole into your head released your inner power.


You can see why it’s not a widely believed theory.


There is something about music, something so simple, yet so powerful. Even with all the people in highschol walking around, listening to rap, Marlin manson, and others, I find my self tuning my Ipod to songs like Way back home, I dont want to set the world on fire, Maybe, and Cvilization. And I dont know WHY I prefer the songs of yester year to todays, but it seems that the simpler 1920's music, life style, just the raw simplicity of music has always gotten to me. These people may have died long before I was oborn, but these songs connect with me, SPEAK with me. I dont know why. I love them, and I feel as though these songs know and speak up.

The manipulators

They walk among us, we walk among you. Some use their powers for good, some for personal gain, but some still use theirs for evil. You do not know them, you prolly think they are people like you, you may even believe they are the stuff of fairy tales and nigtmares. I am here to tell you they are not. I am not. We are the manipulators, we see all, know all, tell all, and control all. DO you inow the feeling, the tingling of your spine? Tjhat is us, watching, checking, finding infomation. We are the manipualtors, and we are all around you.

Holy bejesus!

IM DONE!!!!!! I finished AFK today, and its released! Go to the chill lounge series page now to read it!


 Finish homework.
PLay puzzle quest.
Check up on kong challenges.
Release AFK on October 1st.

(my to-do-list)

Pre-release teaser!

a quick trailer!

Feed the ducks, 2009, investigation.

All the gathered mods look around nervously. Some shuffle their feet, while others like jetser and hayato look ahead with quiet dignity. A figure with two mods at her side walks in, looking at each of the terrified mods in order. Many examine her over coat, trailing behind her, some look at her black jeans, some at her dangerous eyes, and others examine her ID badge. This is Ducklette. This is their boss. Few have met her more than once, few have survived the first encounter. Fewer, still, have actually met her. She had murder in her eyes as she scanned the corwd."I want to know who is responsible!" She yelled, making most of the mods jump backwards. Jester bit her lip, wincing as Ducklette continued to yell. She was like a mother to the mods, she trained them, she chose them. To have her yelling so angrily at them was like a cold icicle in their hearts. Ducklette continued to yell, unknowing of her actual point. Jester rocked on her feet, trying to think clearly about what had happened with the reports. She looked at her BroadCaster to check if anyone besides giggity and Bunny lover where online. She saw a feild of blank grays, including a few mods and veg. She looked around the crowd, trying to see any of the people afk, but to no avail. She sighed and waited for the lecture to be over.

Teaser trailer for AFK(Part 2/2)

Zero axis, 2009


Veg sits on the bench and mutes a couple trolls. He takes a drink of his coffee and announces"Any others?" A couple begin to shout vulgarities, which are quickly muted. Veg sighs, wishing for things to be like the old days when no one ever needed a mod.He looks at the pleading crowd once more, only to relize that they have all left. He wonders what going on, until he relizes that a large, omniesent, black shape is moving twords him. He attempts a mute, only to be blocked off. He attempts a remote ban. Nothing. He un sheaths the sword of silence and runs into battle, slashing the beasts left leg, only to have the sword break apart in his hand. He is stunned for a moment, which is when the monster makes its move. The beast slashes Veg with an enormous claw. Veg rolls out of the way in time to miss the blow, he bulls out his ban hammer and gives a yell, a stunning warning which temporarily stuns the beast, Veg attacks with his ban hammer, beating it repeatedly intot he beasts chest, head, and any other avaliable area. The beast freezes for a moment, a cold un-yeilding block of ice forms around its feet, Veg settles, exhauted. He puts his hammer away and turns down the road to the chill lounge, tired of fighting trolls. He hears ice cracking and spins as fast as possible to see the beats fist comming straight for him. Veg has only time to pull his Broadcaster out as the monster picks him up. He sees only one thing: His name going gray from AFK.

Teaser trailer for AFK(part 1/2)



Chill lounge, 2009


Jester is called upon to mute yet another troll. All the chill lounge eagerly awaits as she hits the button to silence. "Thats the fourth troll today" she says. A cascade of thanks rains down upon her, before she relizes that more are coming. She quickly mutes 5 more alts before continuing with her game. She reaches in her pocket and checks her messages. Another 12 mod calls litter her list, like the spam of yet another troll. She quickly pm's more mods, only to relize they are AFK. She instead hops onto her bike and pedals over to the cafe kong, remnenats of disputed galaxy, and zero axis, before she finally settles back into chill lounge.

3 hours later, chill lounge, jesters office

Jester fills out the rest of her paper work, noting all of the troll names, how many posts they got, and how many repeats they had. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until she reaches the last 2 reports. Being bored, she decided to turn them into word puzzles. She rearanges all the letters in POP_ORANGE and PORAGE_NAZEL she quickly spells out words like page, pop, nope, and others. Half way through the list she relizes that most of the words match eachother. she begins to flip through the rest of the reports, relizing, slowly but surely, that each one contained at least one of the same words. She leans back, exhausted. Her PM broadcaster goes off, she looks at it begging it not to be a mod call.

Giggity95: You dead?

She silently prays to the gods and begins to pm back before looking out her window to see giggity waving. She gets up, putting her paper work into the OUT basket and greets the grinning giggity. "Hey gig, hows it going?" she smiles, shaking giggity's hand. "Not bad jester. How 'bout you?" Giggity shakes his head sadly,pulls out his PM broad caster, and points to 6 AFK freinds, 4 of which are mods.