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The Clocks Of Time

With the recent release of The Drawven Codex expansion I figured it was a good time to release its sister expansion, The Clocks Of Time, This one requires The Drawven Codex expansion as well as this one. You explore a vast labrinth searching for treasure and fame, when you stumble upon what is whispered among drawves and wizards alike: THE GOLDEN CLOCK!!!! Unlike what they thought, the Clock is actually more like a stationary bike, oranted with golden peices and fine hard made glyphs. The only problem is a bunch are missing. Find all 30 of the missing gears, and 25 of the missing glyphs to travel back and forth between time and explore the days of old, as well as adopt an extinct pet. of course, the only problem is finding out where they are, how to fix them, what you need to fix them, and how you use them! Find all 5 of the codexes and then go to the room to repair it!

The Dwarven Codex Expansion pack

What will YOU find? Deep within the mountains of the land there lies secrets untold by Drawves and Humans alike. Explore deep caverns and find hidden mysteries. But dont forget the main point of the expansion: The CODEXS! Different codexscreate different things, such as the Dwarven Codex and the Engineering codex help you to build and destroy different items and armors. Stick to the story and it won't be too hard! Right? RIGHT?!

What is chaotic?

CHaotic is a chat based RPG, much like D&D or WoW. The "Players" Control their chracters and go on quests and such trying to get revenge on the ones that killed their parents, find their home land, or discover something amazing. Some even go just for the hell of it! With a bunch of different races and jobs, as well as classes, including create your own adventure and character, Its hard not to love this game!

The party of travelers

With my test subjects- I mean first players, Mr.Cookie, Me, Paddle, and pheonix, as well as temp characters in the party, I give you details about what I have done on here! Our party is currently traing inside the city of Anfasia, we are on our way to finding who killed the guardians of the village. What will we find on the way?