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                                         PART 1: Gray and AFK


            Chill lounge, 2009



            Jester is called upon to mute yet another troll. All the chill lounge eagerly awaits as she hits the button to silence. "Thats the fourth troll today" she says. A cascade of thanks rains down upon her, before she relizes that more are coming. She quickly mutes 5 more alts before continuing with her game. She reaches in her pocket and checks her messages. Another 12 mod calls litter her list, like the spam of yet another troll. She quickly pm's more mods, only to relize they are AFK. She instead hops onto her bike and pedals over to the cafe kong, remnenats of disputed galaxy, and zero axis, before she finally settles back into chill lounge.


            3 hours later, chill lounge, jesters office


            Jester fills out the rest of her paper work, noting all of the troll names, how many posts they got, and how many repeats they had. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until she reaches the last 2 reports. Being bored, she decided to turn them into word puzzles. She rearanges all the letters in POP_ORANGE and PORAGE_NAZEL she quickly spells out words like page, pop, nope, and others. Half way through the list she relizes that most of the words match eachother. she begins to flip through the rest of the reports, relizing, slowly but surely, that each one contained at least one of the same words. She leans back, exhausted. Her PM BroadCaster goes off, she looks at it begging it not to be a mod call.


Giggity95: You dead?

            She silently prays to the gods and begins to pm back before looking out her window to see giggity waving. She gets up, putting her paper work into the OUT basket and greets the grinning giggity. "Hey gig, hows it going?" she smiles, shaking giggity's hand. Giggity shakes his head sadly,pulls out his PM BroadCaster, and points to 6 AFK freinds, 4 of which are mods. Jester looks at it and shakes her head. "Can you get a response out of them?" Gig shakes his head no, and sits donw on a bench. He takes off his kong ID badge and fiddles with it, feeling over where the placement for the Curator sticker, developer sticker, Kongregate senator sticker, and the mod sticker are.He shakes his head sadly and looks at his PM broadcaster. He flips to the mute list with only one name on it. He sighs, looks up at the challenge center. He points to the new challenge, the one for Canabalt. He opens up his PM broadcaster and searches his card list. He points to the card for the challenge, and smiles. Jester looks at the card and smiles. "Good job gig" she says turning to look at the RPG/ADVENTURE arcade. She looks at he Broadcaster and frowns. She turns to giggity once more and looks at him "It's not easy gig, with all these mods going AFK. I don't know, I just know that if i cant contact jimgreer or some one else in charge, we might just be screwed."



            Cafe kong, 2009



            "HAHAHA!!!!!!!STUPID MOD!!!!!!!THINK AFRAID OF YOU!?!?!?!??!" The troll is quickly muted by Hayato. Hayato sighs and silences three more. Kong has become bad lately. Even with the added anti-spam laws in effect, the trolls keep pumping out. It seems like the legal system in kong is failing too. Even with all the repeat's banned,silenced, deported, whatever you call it, they seem to return under false identity's. It was getting horrible, and the safety of the cafe was on the brink of destruction. Hayato sits down and orders the kong up late special. Hayato begins her paper work while sipper her kong special, when she gets a PM. She picks up the BroadCaster only to set it down and put her head back. She looks back at the BroadCaster in dis belief. She slams her head down on the table and groans.


            Zero axis, 2009



            Veg sits on the bench and mutes a couple trolls. He takes a drink of his coffee and announces"Any others?" A couple begin to shout vulgarities, which are quickly muted. Veg sighs, wishing for things to be like the old days when no one ever needed a mod.He looks at the pleading crowd once more, only to relize that they have all left. He wonders what going on, until he relizes that  a large, omniesent, black shape is moving twords him. He attempts a mute, only to be blocked off. He attempts a remote ban. Nothing. He un sheaths the sword of silence and runs into battle, slashing the beasts left leg, only to have the sword break apart in his hand. He is stunned for a moment, which is when the monster makes its move. The beast slashes Veg with an enormous claw. Veg rolls out of the way in time to miss the blow, he pulls out his ban hammer and gives a yell, a stunning warning which temporarily stuns the beast, Veg attacks with his ban hammer, beating it repeatedly into he beasts chest, head, and any other avaliable area. The beast freezes for a moment, a cold un-yeilding block of ice forms around its feet, Veg settles, exhauted. He puts his hammer away and turns down the road to the chill lounge, tired of fighting trolls. He hears ice cracking and spins as fast as possible to see the beats fist comming straight for him. Veg has only time to pull his BroadCaster out as the monster picks him up. He sees only one thing: His name going gray from AFK.




            Feed the ducks, 2009, investigation.


            All the gathered mods look around nervously. Some shuffle their feet, while others like jetser and hayato look ahead with quiet dignity. A figure with two mods at her side walks in, looking at each of the terrified mods in order. Many examine her over coat, trailing behind her, some look at her black jeans, some at her dangerous eyes, and others examine her ID badge. This is Ducklette. This is their boss. Few have met her more than once, few have survived the first encounter. Fewer, still, have actually met her. She had murder in her eyes as she scanned the corwd."I want to know who is responsible!" She yelled, making most of the mods jump backwards. Jester bit her lip, wincing as Ducklette continued to yell. She was like a mother to the mods, she trained them, she chose them. To have her yelling so angrily at them was like a cold icicle in their hearts. Ducklette continued to yell, unknowing of her actual point. Jester rocked on her feet, trying to think clearly about what had happened with the reports. She looked at her BroadCaster to check if anyone besides giggity and Bunny lover where online. She saw a feild of blank grays, including a few mods and veg.  She looked around the  crowd, trying to see any of the people afk, but to no avail. She sighed and waited for the lecture to be over.



            Chill lounge, back alley, 2009


            Giggity sits in the corner and looks at his BroadCaster, only too see Veg pop up AFK. It was at that moment he decided to do something. He PM all the people who were not AFK and told them to meet in Remnants of disputed galaxy. They were ending this AFK phenomena today.


            Chill lounge, ACTION arcade, 2009


            Bunny looked at her BroadCaster. It blinked with a new PM, one from giggity. She reads it, frowns and begins to decide whether or not to go. She glances back up at last stand 2, and decides to leave. She slides her ID badge,collects her acheivement, and leaves. She looks back at her BroadCaster, and is shocked to see 3 names go AFK before her eyes. The AFK thing is getting out of hand. Maybe thats why she was going to see giggity. Maybe theats why she wants to get everything straightened out.Or, maybe not...




                         PART 2: To kill a mod...



            Unknown, unknown



            Veg awoke chained to a black obsidianesq wall. It was dark, damp and warm. Veg let his eyes adjust quickly to the dim light. He could just barely make out bars on the other end of the room. He felt around for his Ban hammer, but couldn't find it. It then all came rushing back to him. The fight, the loss, the creature.


The creature. What was it? It was huge, unbanable! When he tried to freeze it it broke free! What was it? Something beeped in Vegs pocket...He reached in and pulled out his BroadCaster. He attempted to return the mod call PM but it wouldn't pass. Weird. The screen on the BroadCaster was cracked, making it hard to read, but not impossible. Veg sliped it back into his pocket and looked at his chained legs. The chain was something he had never seen before, a new type of material. He sits down on the stone floor, thinking hard. He looks down to see a plate of stale bread and warm water laying there. He picks it, checking to see if it's eatible. It's tough, but Veg powers through the meal. If this is what he thinks it is, he needs all his strength...


            Feed the ducks,2009


            Jester and Hayato walk out, nearly unaware of eachother. they are both a little shooken up about the lecture, but they manage to hide it fairly well.They look confident, powerful, and most of all aware. Jester begins to flip through her current PMs, but only sees one. It's from giggity, but she relizes she cannot go, as 50 or more mod calls just popped up. She sighs, and hits up Zero axis again...





            Veg hears something padding down the hall, he is afraid, there is no dening that, but if his idea works, than it will be the last...

            A crash, a bang, and something falls into the cage with him. He examines it, its josten, a mod for Chill lounge. He looks hurt, and veg slowly moves twords him trying to see what happened. It was at that point that he knew he had to get out. He sighs, and closes Jostens eyes. He says a prayer and says good bye one last time...


            Back alley


            Gig tapped his foot patiently. Only 4 people had come and it appeared to be all that would. He looked at each in turn, there was Atom, Bunny, Laurry, and Ecco. "Alright you 4, we have a job to do. Laurry, have you got that tracker still?" Laurry nodded her head and handed it to him. He typed in a couple of NUmbers and grinned. "This is where we are going. Atom, your tight with a few mods, can you get a location on this?" Atom nodded, and walked off. "Bunny, your the key to this. Remember last summer, when we made those weapons? Remember the code? bring them. we are going in."

            Zero axis, 2009.

            Jester silences yet three more. Another three come. SHe silences them. She leaves one alive. She grabs his collar, and shakes him a few times. "Where are you coming form?!" to her suprise the troll starts to babble and smacks her in the face, before running off. She looks down, seeing the broadcaster left at her feet, picking it up, she looks at the name at the top of the list. It has a giant T next to it. A troll. The troll. She checks the location and starts off at a sprint. she knows what will happen. SHe knows only to well.


            Traveling, 2009


            Gig holstered the shotgun, and laurry shot a couple trees. They were on their way, getting closer. They had a location. They had a time. They had weapons. They had the why. Gig put the scythe into its back strap, it wasn't much, but it was all they had. Laurry, with double Desert eagles and an M4 carbine. Bunny with a tommy and katana, Atom with a hunting knife and Rpd, and Ecco with grenades and gauss rifle. Even though they couldn't feel the win, they knew it would happen.




Veg stood near t      Veg pressed his body close to the wall near the door, waiting for it to open with another mod. He looked at Jostens lifeless body. He hadn't woken up, and he wasn't breathing. Josten was dead. Veg knew he had to be avenged. The door opened, Veg lept, and began his death struggle with the troll. He beat it over the head with his fists, the troll attempted to stab him with a knife, but veg dodged, the troll stood, veg kicked. The knife flew out of the trolls hands, and veg began his death struggle with the thing. They wrestled for a good 20 minutes. He finally pinned the troll and crushed its ribs. Immobilized, the troll awaited his fate. Veg walked away, not knowing where to go, thinking of only freedome.



Part 3: Death of a troll...

            The troll caverns, 2009


            Giggity walked in first, the only one brave enough. Next came Laurry, then bunny, then atom, and finally Ecco. Sometihng moved. Gig pulled the trigger on the shotty and blows its head off. They step over it and turn to the left. A wall. They turn to the right, but only a locked door blocked their path. They all sighed, and sat. Any time something could come out, anytime now…


            Troll caverns-Cell block a, 2009


                               Veg ran towards freedom. But something was still missing. He realized a few feet from the door that he was missing his ban hammer and sword of silence. He Did a u-turn and ran through the rooms, desperately looking for the storage cell. He noticed at that moment that he was not the only one who had survived the trolls. He looked at the sad mods, Fushinryu, Cyrptosporidian. Toa, all looked at him with deep sad eyes. He finally came to the final cage and gasped. There, in dim light, lay Knight of ra, dead, unmoving. Veg almost cried but instead fell to the ground and called out vengeance.


                                          Troll caverns, entrance, back way, 2009


                             Jester tackled the beast. It wriggled underneath her, but she smashed its arm to the ground, with a sickening and satisfying crunch the thing yelped. She held its head in her hand, elbow firmly planted into its chest. “Give me the keys” she shouted in its face. It had a look of pure terror but it gritted its teeth and didn’t give. She yelled it again, with no better a response. There was only one way to deal with this. She grabbed the smashed and broken arm, and twisted it violently. It screamed and she leaned in close, “Give me the keys or I will make it much, much, much, worse.” The troll stuggled to get the keys with only one arm and finally dropped them on his chest. She grabbed them and looked deep into the black pools that were its eyes. She saw something she had never seen before, a twisting, inky shape. The trolls eyes were blue. She gasped and leapt up, and ran into the front entrance, directly into Gigs. He was blasting something or other, carry on my wayward son, paint it black, or surrender on his I-pod. Together they broke through the door and troll brigade. There was only one thing left to do…


                                          Troll cavern, storage cell, 2009


                             Veg grabbed the sword and hammer, feeling a bit better but only by a bit. In addition, he had found some good armor. He raced into the next room, an obsidian cave to come face to face with his worst nightmare. The beast that had put him here was towering over him, grinning. He suddenly knew what or who it was once. This troll juggernaut was Smirnoff. He created alts and recruited trolls, at what point he turned from human to beast veg didn’t know. Nothing happened for a moment. Veg swung the sword at the beast, hitting its shin. It yelled a large amount, and charged at him. He jumped onto the thick skin and pressed the sword into the beasts chest. He felt a spurt of blood under and turned the sword to open the wound. He jumped onto the head. He bashed it in the  head with the hammer to be thrown off its back. Veg wouldn’t be alive except for the armor. The beast was bleeding now, but Veg hardly noticed. Something popped from behind him and he turned to see a very fast blur smash something into its back. In seconds he relized that it was Gig with his scythe. He puled it out and did it again. He was thrown back by the beast, and with a swift motion threw the scythe. It Imbedded itself within the beasts back. Gig wasn’t moving, but another blur and laurry was standing there firing deserts. She ran out of ammo too fast and hurled them at the beast. She unlatched the m4 from her back and fired. A lot of pops and she threw that gun too. She grabbed some sharp obsidian and ran towards it. She jumped onto the beast and carved a slash into its arm. At this point bunny joined the fray with a tommygun. She fired from the barrel, discarding the empty round disks as she went, only to run out just as fast. At this point Veg and Laurry had kept carving up the Jugger. She rushed in with the katana and smashed it into the back of the Jugger. Atom finally joined, with a few mods at his feet and let lose with an RPD, perhapse the best gun to get rid of the Jugger. That’s when it fought back, the thing let lose with a death cry. It rippled with muscles, left under its thick fur, that now had several mods crawling over it. It threw them off, its eyes glowing with as dull death red. Everyone but veg was laying on the ground, hurt. Something walked into the room, demanding an aura of calm. Jester walked up to the troll ands hit it with her sword, too stunned the thing didn’t fight back. With various swords, hammers, and rocks sticking out of it it was losing fast. Jester did this several more times before it made its move. It knocked her backwards, she lunged. A death blow under the rib. It went straight through the skin and into it. It yelled but pushed her back. It was going to win until, something amazing happened. A blur and a SHLACK and the troll spewed blood oput of its head, landing dead. Gig had retrieved his scythe, jusmped on a sword in its back, and planted it deep within its skull. Gig stood shocked that he had killed it…He fell toi the ground, covered in sangurine liquid. He collapsed, passed out on the spot.




                                          Chill lounge, 2009


                             They sat and tended to their wounds. Gig was white as a ghost, but only because he had killed it. Veg came looking grim. He whispered in Jesters ear, there was 23 dead, not counting Josten and Knight of ra. They were all silent. Gig looked around. He sighed. He stood up, and walked away. The sunlight was bright and warm. Even though they had won, for how long had they won? He sighed and turned. He didn’t think anything would ever be the same.





                          -I have written most of this from memory, and although at times a bit foggy, all the events are true. I thank you for listening to my story, for being patient. Please, if you have any clues to what will happen, what did happen, or how we can stop it, tell me. Immediately. It may mean the difference for life or death.

                             Love, Giggity.