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Rememberance(a memorial/poem to all the victims of 9/11)

Do you remember?
Fire, collapsing, death?
Do you remember?
The feeling, the anger, the sorrow?
Do you remember?
What you felt, saw, or heard?
Do you remember?
What we are fighting for?
Do you rmemeber?
The fear?
Do you remember?
The hatred?
Do you remember?

Lines of blue,green,and red.

I see lines of blue, green, and red, falling.falling. Now thy're dead.
I see lines of red,blue, and green,Falling falling,now they're dead.
I miss, the lines of green, blue, and red are no longer dead.
I miss again.
I see line of re,green,and blue. Falling falling, now im dead.
I see lines of gray,gray,and gray.
Im falling,falling, now im dead.

(All right reserved)