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Who is Giggity95?

Well, Im no prophet, but I do have prophetic dreams(Special mention to those who can call that quote) Im something of a visionary, a writer, a story teller. Im good at writing things off hand, and once refined enough, they become pretty good. People usually like my writings, but some dont, I try and write into every genre, except romance, because thats just awful.

A gamer forever

I am a gamer forever, if you are stuck, you can ask me for anything. I have played every top selling game, and usually go traight for puzzle and RPG's. I like to keep it simple, but I do dedicate more time to those more...Indepth games(I.E Oblivion, mass effect 1&2 and Fallout).

Who is your favorite game character EVER? Mario? Luigi? Boo?

The logical answer of course, Tali'zohar vas normandy =D

How bout yo picture?

Sure why not? Me with no added effects =O

So, why dont you tell us about upcoming prjects?

Distracted yet?